Jean François Gutiérrez

Front-End & Back-End Web Developer

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Some challenges from which I'm proud of

Makethon Winner for Spanish Startups - 2020

I this amazing challenge from IMDEA, my team and I had the honor of  winning the 2nd Prize Award for developping a sustainable, edible bio-packaging in just 72hs.

Startup incubated by EAE Business School - 2019

As the founder of iTechCare, our mission was to create a Smart Falling Detector for senior citizens. In this journey, I had the support of an amazing network of coaches, mentors and investors.

Hackathon Winner 
AI Chatbot for
Mercedes Benz - 2018

While working as an Analyst for Daimler Group, I accepted the challenge of developing an AI Chatbot to interact with customers. In only 48hs, my team and I won the first prize.


Jean François was born in Argentina in 1989. His first approach with a computer was at the age of 6, when he got his first pc, an old 486 with Windows 3.1 . At the age of 12, he coded his first lines creating a mp3 player. When he was 22, he moved to France where he worked several years as a Freelance to be able to afford all the wine & cheese he was having.

Three years after, he moved to the UK to start a disruptive property renting business which  took 3 and a half  years to develop, grow and sold. In 2017, he moved to Spain and after winning  his first Hackathon, he started focusing on innovation and programming. Since then, he's back with his first old love: coding and developing.

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